This site tells the story of the original Rebel Riders of the Ecopocalypse who set off from Falmouth in April 2019 to take part in the Extinction Rebellion in London which started on 15th April.

The site is archived as a sub-site of Roger C-O’s cycling blog and covers the ride from its inception to the first two days in London.

On this occasion the reason for the journey was to actually do some useful outreach at the places we passed through – and to this end we put some effort into getting evening events set up at each stage, using local XR or Green groups to host an evening. These were very successful and did feel like it was worth doing – but made trying to fit in writing blog posts a bit of a challenge!

The blog pages are in the conventional blog order – reverse chronological with the most recent at the top. To read in story order as it happened read use the ‘Chronological’ sub-menu under ‘Blog’.

Here is the original pre-departure introduction:

For more about the Rebellion, why we are rebelling and what the demands of the rebels are visit the various Extinction Rebellion (XR) websites and social media pages – or better yet make contact with your local XR group in person. The rebellion will not take place online – you need to be involved in person.

This site covers the various cycle rides, some will have their own blog sites or pages which will be linked on this page, others may be using this shared blog.

The rides known so far:

  • SouthWest – from Falmouth. This site.
  • South Central – from Southampton
  • South-East – from Brighton
  • East – from Norwich
  • North – from Grantham
  • NorthWest – from Oxford
  • West – from Bristol