Introducing the SW Riders

These are the SW Riders who are coming the whole way to London. Some of them will be contributing to this blog and will introduce themselves – see links below.

Starting in Falmouth:

  • Euan:
    About Euan
    My name is Euan McPhee and I am a retired ecology lecturer, former smallholder, seasoned environmental campaigner, and chair of the Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland in Falmouth. I am also a Methodist local preacher and environmental champion for my local church.
    Why I'm Riding
    I am riding to London simply to make the mass more critical for the XR event on 15 April! Having cycled to Paris and then to Bonn for COP21 and COP23, this seemed like the next logical step in piling on more pressure on government and raising public awareness.
    My Bike
    I will be riding my trusty Dawes touring bike, bought new in 1980 and much used since for commuting when living in London and Guildford, latterly used more intermittently for touring including following the Pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. I still get the existential sense of freedom when I get onto my bike at the notion that me and my pedals can take me anywhere at the kind of speed that enables contact with people and nature in a truly physical way.
  • Roger:
    About Roger
    I am Roger Creagh-Osborne, a sixty six year old mammal whose habitat is the upper Tamar valley although I range over Northern Europe by land and sea. Having learnt about global warming and limits to growth doing science A levels in the late 60s I then spent 40 years as a climate criminal before embarking on a continuing reform programme.
    Why I'm Riding
    I am riding because politics has failed, our social system is broken and rebellion is now the best option.I ride to act as if the truth is really happening.
    My Bike
    When I retired I invested some of the deferred wages in a new bike – Genesis Tour de Fer lightweight steel frame custom equipped for touring. The longest ride we have done together so far is Launceston to the Mediterranean.
  • Ewan

Joining in Liskeard

  • Ian B:
    About Ian
    I am Ian Barlow, a retired academic. I was brought up near London but I’ve been in South East Cornwall (St Germans and then Liskeard) for so long that it feels like home.
    Why I'm Riding
    The XR action is important. Getting there by bike seems very appropriate and demonstrates, albeit in an extreme way, the bike as transport. It’s a wonderful way to travel.
    My Bike
    I’ll be riding a very old and traditional touring bike that I bought new almost forty years ago. Bike and man, old crocks both, I hope we make it together; we have done longer: John O’ Groats to Lands End – twice, Spain South to North, and Atlantic to Med along the Pyrenees, but they were all a while ago….and age will be the greater challenge.

Joining in Barnstaple

  • Ricky:
    About Ricky
    I am Ricky Knight living in Barnstaple. A Peace activist since 1952; Green activist since 1984; political activist since 2002; climate chaos activist since 2008; EU activist since 2010; XR activist since Dec 2019.
    Why I'm Riding
    This is the Last Chance Saloon. Not giving up without a fight – nothing to lose. This is The One
    My Bike
    I’ll be riding a Maron – trusty steed – did the COP21 ride OK – no break-downs …… yet. Did the long ride from Barnstaple to Plymouth, Le Havre to the Pyrenees; also all round SW Ireland. But I’m now a bit out of practice …. Cycling ticks every box: health/fitness/ fossil-free/ hobby from toddler to grave.

Joining in Taunton

  • Marguerite:
    About Marguerite
    I am Marguerite Paffard, a retired psychiatrist living in West Somerset.
    Why I'm Riding
    Cycling to London to be part of a community of like-minded people to protest against this different sort of madness that is the current trajectory humans are taking. I love cycling in the fresh air, the companionship of shared effort, a distant goal; compelled to act by the urgency of the accumulating ecological disaster.
    My Bike
    I’ll be riding a bike!
  • Ian G
  • Stu

Joining in Frome

  • Steve (riding from Bristol):
    About Steve
    I am Dr Steve Melia. I lecture in transport and planning at University of the West of England.
    Why I'm Riding
    I have been teaching students about climate change, and the contribution that transport makes to it, for several years. I have been growing more frustrated at the lack of action from governments, and the complacency of universities, which talk about sustainability but encourage academics to fly around the world to conferences. I gave up flying in 2005, and stopped driving in 2009.
    My Bike
    I will be riding a Dawes Galaxy. I have been a regular cycle tourist for many years. The longest ride I did was in 2006, during my PhD when I cycled from home to Germany to study carefree developments.
  • Davva (riding from Bristol)
  • John (riding from Bristol)
  • Alex
  • Robin

Others are joining for odd days.
Still more are meeting us for the ride in to each stage town and for the first few miles in the morning.

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  1. Hi there, I’m Alex (andra), I’m a friend of Paul Horten from Frome and have sleeping places for up to 4 cyclists and would also like to join Frome to London.

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