Welcome to this year’s adventure in which the four Climate Visioneers from the South West who Pedalled to Paris in 2015, and who became the three who carried On to Bonn in 2017 and then the two who did a Big Ride for Palestine in 2018 are all getting together and back on the road to join the Extinction Rebellion in London in April.

But this time there are more riders – collectively the Rebel Riders of the Ecopocalypse. Euan, Roger and Ewan set off from Falmouth on 8th April. We pick up a couple more (to be confirmed) as we travel through Cornwall and then join with Ricky in Barnstaple. On to Taunton where Marguerite and others are joining the growing band, and thence to Frome over in the East of the South West to collect some more before the final stages to London.

Arriving in the big city on the evening of Sunday 14th April we will be there as events unfold from 15th April – this could be a big one, part of an international movement of direct action targeting our failed political class and the exploitative extractive destructive system that controls them.

We call for nothing less than a reversal of current priorities – global consumerism is killing us all (and us includes all living things, not just humans) and must be urgently stopped.

As our personal pilgrimages into the heart of the beast unfold we will endeavour to tell our stories here.

On the Rebellious Road to London

Here’s the first draft of the route from Falmouth to London with proposed stage towns.

Anyone stumbling across this during Feb/March and interested in joining or joining up other rides or doing something in one of the stage towns should contact me by phone/text on 07736 741268 or email rogerco at riseup dot net.

If you are part of XR and coordinating a ride you should be aware of the RebelRiders project on XRBasecamp – email me for access.

Details of timings and routes into and out of stage towns will appear in due course.

SW Itinerary

This is an overview of the planned route and the places where we are stopping. Details and links to individual stages below. If you would like to join us for any part of the route please email Roger at info@rebelride.rogerco.uk.

Use the map controls to zoom and drag to move. Click the links below for details of each stage and evening events.

We start from Falmouth on the morning of Monday 8th April.

Day 1 (Monday 8th) is Falmouth to Liskeard by way of the St.Mawes ferry and St.Austell for lunch. GPX morning GPX afternoon

Day 2 (Tuesday 9th) is Liskeard to Launceston by way of Tavistock for lunch. GPX morning GPX afternoon

Day 3 (Wednesday 10th) is Launceston to Barnstaple, hopefully getting to the Puffing Billy on the Tarka trail in time for lunch. GPX morning GPX afternoon

Day 4 (Thursday 11th) is Barnstaple to Taunton, stopping for lunch at the Ferry Inn, Exebridge. GPX morning GPX afternoon

Day 5 (Friday 12th) is Taunton to Frome with lunch in Glastonbury at the Rainbow’s End. GPX morning GPX afternoon

Day 6 (Saturday 13th) is Frome to Newbury pausing at Devizes and Pewsey. GPX morning GPX midday GPX afternoon

Day 7 (Sunday 14th) Newbury to London primed and ready for Rebellion

Day 8 and onwards – International Rebellion

Click on the links above for details of each day’s ride, and GPX files for the proposed route, but these are, of course, be subject to change as conditions on the day dictate.

Evening Day 1 Liskeard

Monday 8th April.

click image for pdf version (2 sides) to print

Cyclists will arrive Barras St from direction of Station Hill about 5:45.

Meet them with banners, placards, noise-makers.

Process round to Sheryl Murray MP office to serve notice of rebellion, deliver Extinction Rebellion demands, and remind her of her duty to represent her constituents first and her party second.

Continue back to the Hub Cafe, Liskerrett Centre, for food and refreshment and an evening of tales of cycling and why we are riding, and sharing of poems and prose, quotes and jokes that we find inspiring – bring your own contributions – a favourite poem to read or story to tell on the general theme of ecology, rebellion, weather, life, the universe and everything.